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Monday, August 29, 2011

Invasion Blog Post Schedule

Blog Posting scheduled:

August 23- Sept 23-

August 29th nora adrienne

August 29th

August 30th

August 31-

Sept 2nd- Stephanie

Sept 3rd-

Sept 15th -Janis

Sept 6th- Lakisha

Sept 6th-

Sept 8th- Mary Ann (Tribute Mama)

Sept 10th-

Sept 10th-

Sept 12th- 

Sept 12th-

Sept 16 -

Sept 13th- Mandie Stevens

Sept 13th-

Sept 17th- Susan Crowley -

Sept 22th- shifter review-

Sept 18th-

Sept 22nd-

Sept 22-

October 3rd-

October- 5th Australian bookshelf

October 6th-

Oct 11-18 -Hybrid review-
Oct 31- Shifter Halloween -

Oct 31st- Interview/Blog Post by Gabbi

Nov 1st- Review by Gabbi

Nov 5th- guest blog post -

Nov 11th- Denise verrico:

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