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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ryan Collings


RYAN COLLINGS lives in Boise, Idaho with his two children Kaylee and Kasin, his dog Stewie, his cat Rosebud, and the love of his life, Brooke.

About the Book...
Jack Ranis is a fifteen year old orphan who feels out of place in the only home he has ever known. When an accident nearly takes his life, he discovers a stranger from his past that takes him into a world he never imagined, a world where a magical land holds all the answers to his life story and reveals his true destiny.   

After many years of war, the land of Brighton is finally at peace, but it is a peace that was never meant to last. Following in the footsteps of his father, Jack, with the aid of his friends, will risk everything to destroy the Book of the Labi and save the lives of all those he holds dear.

About the Author... 

RYAN COLLINGS lives in Boise, Idaho with his two children Kaylee and Kasin, his dog Stewie, his cat Rosebud, and the love of his life, Brooke.

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1 print (USA only) and 2 ebook copies are available. MUST leave email addy and comment below! Winners picked on Oct. 15th! 
Here is the schedule:
September 24 - Meet & Greet at www.vbtcafe.com
September 25 - Spotlight & Giveaway at http://giveawayblogdom.blogspot.com
September 28 - Guest Blogging at http://rhodesreview.com
September 30 - Guest Blogging & Giveaway at www.lorisreadingcorner.com
October 5 - Guest Blogging at http://www.madmoosemama.blogspot.com
October 7 - Guest Blogging & Giveaway at http://hotgossiphotreviews.blogspot.com
October 11 - Author Interviewed at http://riftwatcher.blogspot.com
October 13 - Author Spotlight at www.assistingauthors.com
October 17 - Guest Blogging at http://louisewise.blogspot.com
October 19 - Author Interviewed at http://margaret-paranormalromanceauthor.blogspot.com
October 21 - Guest Blogging at http://azpublishingservices.blogspot.com
October 23 - Guest Blogging at http://hmweasley-blog.blogspot.com
October 28 - Guest Blogging & Review at http://ink-puddle.blogspot.com
October 31 - Jack Ranis Review & Giveaway at http://writingcrazyme.blogspot.com/
November 2 - Guest Blogging at http://bookreaderaddictsgiveaways.blogspot.com


  1. I think this is where we are supposed to comment...Hope so at least!


  2. Ok, Sasha and Em you are the winner! I will get you in contact with the author!


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