Friday, February 17, 2012

Finding Alice

It feels like it was only yesterday that I was plugging away at my computer leaning over the keyboard like a mad scientist allowing Alice’s world to consume me. When I first began to write Finding Alice, I had no idea what it would become and I am thrilled to know now I will be sharing it will all the dreamers out there. I am what I like to call a creative soul I believe all creative souls need a creative outlet. I was never concerned with writing this story and by allowing it freedom in some cases I feel I was merely a medium and it wrote itself. To me writing is relaxing, story telling is exhilarating and creating is fulfilling. I truly cannot imagine doing anything else. 
To the veteran writers out there I want to say thank you for being so inspirational to all the rest of us dreamers, readers and debut authors alike. To all those who are new to the self-publishing world or otherwise keep your head up and remember each stroke of a key or pen a small sliver of our soul climbs through us into our work and there is nothing wrong with that. You never know who or how many souls will be touched by our words and bravery to share them because let’s be honest the idea of any one soul hating our work is terrifying. 
Thank you for allowing me to guest post on your blog today! Happy release day!! Finding Alice is available VIA Amazon for kindle and paperback, B&N for nook smashwords.


  1. I too fell like I'm a mere vessel or medium for the words and that the stories tell themselves...though they need to find an editor before being seen:)--

  2. Thanks again for being a part of my tour!


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