Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Release: Angel codes, last book in the AngelFire Chronicles and GIVEAWAY!

The last book to the AngelFire Chronicles is set to be released MARCH 14th. You can preorder now. 

I am giving away five free KINDLE KISSES of the last book in the AngelFire Chronicles. The first five people to comment me their email will all be sent the book for their kindle free. This is for review purposes, so please leave ur review on Amazon and BnN. The book will be released MARCH 14th. 

After Kian is taken away from Ali, she and the other Angelfire must defend Manhattan on their own, while learning where Kian is and how to retrieve him. 

Meanwhile, Kian is fighting his own internal and external demons deep within the cell of The Underground. 
Will Ali and Kian finally find love or will Dumah destroy it all? Find out in the last book to the AngelFire Chronicles. 
Other books in the series: 
She Speaks to Angels 

Dumah's Demons 
Falling Angels 
Angel Codes 

She Speaks to Angels Video Trailer (previous book covers)

Falling Angels Video Trailer (current book covers)

Angel Codes Video Trailer (current book covers)


  1. Leave ur comment for a free copy of Angel Codes, and please leave ur review at Amazon MARCH 14th

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