Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rain -Reviewed...Graphic Illustrations in novella!

Check out the book at this link for the full graphic novella:Rain!

Full graphics are only available through scribd, payloadz and createspace prints. Kindle and smashwords do not allow the space for graphics in uploads (sorry), but you may still download the novella without graphics.


Imagine a world of Chaos lies and corruption? No political parties and no more social-economic constraints and out of this madness a perfect weapon. A weapon that is beautiful, vigilant, strong, a woman that was created by a man for a greater purpose of bringing light into a crumbling world. This weapon is called Rain. Rainhas elevated levels of seeing and hearing, weapons hidden behind her skin. Rain lacks apathy and is vulnerable because she cares. Will Rain give her life for freedom and truth as she was created to do? This is an captivating story one can only wonder what Rain will face on her mission. The author paints a picture of a world that we are on a path of becoming and with each chapter the reader can only hope that Rain succeeds in her mission. This is a book you can not put down until the answer is known.