Monday, January 24, 2011

Black Swan

I went to University of Tampa today to see the speaker at the theatre there. John McLaughlin. One of the screenwriters for Black Swan! How cool!

Great discussion and interesting audience questions. One lady thought the characters of Natalie Portman and the "counterpart" would have been less confusing if Natalie Portman played both roles, possibly as was suggested in the beginning of filming. But during the decision making of the filming, concluded was that another actress should play the role.

i agree. That leaves the question of "who is the other character" more up for interpretation to the viewer, adding another dimension of the film for myself. I believe they made the right decision. This way we don't know as viewers if Natalie's character is imagining things or if she really is being chased...

Anyway-haven't seen it yet, but now I know the story. Still going to see it!

Met with John McLaughlin afterwards, asked a question or two and handed him .pdf's of my stories and a promo. Fingers crossed!!

I also took a photo with him to be posted later!