Saturday, November 12, 2011

You know you've self-published when...

You know you're self-publishing when... someone asks you what you want for Christmas and you say: a block of ISBNs.

When you look at a picture and think it would make a great cover.

When too many things you read on the internet make you say, "What would Konrath do?"

when your YA PNR numbers on KDP are so good after KND and DCR, you're thinking about using CS or LSI for a TPB.

you know you've self-published when you understand what all the abbreviations of the above mean.

you wonder if random strangers in the supermarket would make good beta readers.

When I'm in the supermarket and see veggies for $.99 and $2.99 and think those are the prices of ebooks.

You try to convince everyone you know to buy an e-reader.

When you do the Peanuts happy dance after going from #100,000 something on Amazon to #60,000 something.

Why you type "K" into your browser and KDP sale reports automatically come up.

When an agent asks for a copy of your book and you realize Courier double spaced isn't a format you actually have (so you send pdf  and a link to the new $79 Kindle 

you give your family daily updates as to how many people have requested your book in a Goodreads giveaway.

when you try explaining to family/friends about ebook conversion and their eyes glaze over like you're speaking a foreign language.
...when the only other people who really 'get it' are found right here on KB.

When you get an email from an agent and delete it - thinking to yourself 'Nah, I'm not signing anything on those terms.'

...when you can automatically convert someone's ranking into sales, and vice versa

when you see the most beautifully designed print book and think, "would never work as a thumbnail."

...when you send the rejection letters to agents.

You see a banner ad for a book and immediately check NovelRank to see how well the ad is working

….your old coworkers ask where you work at now, you answer "I don't."

"Look, look, it just went free!"

You know you've self-published when you know odd facts like Beatrix Potter and Virginia Woolf self-published and keep those at the tip of your tongue in case anyone asks...

-Courtesy of the Kindle Boards (LOL)

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