Friday, November 11, 2016

Politics and other things that makes no sense

So, I was thinking today about how the youth and those disillusioned by our corrupt political system could move ahead? What party we could really belong too anymore? I thought of a few:

The 4Mars Party- All those in favor of leaving the Earth and recolonizing on Mars (Since Trump will put our country and therefore our Earth in the path of environmental obliteration.)

The International Progressives- All those in favor of living as part of the global/international movement. Interconnectedness. You know, the feel good party.

The Anarchy Party- Those in favor of tossing away all governments and seeing what happens. (It's gotta be better than Trump;) No really, I secretly hope he's been Bullshitting us this whole time and he really doesn't believe most of what he says.)

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