There have been so many people requesting book club discussion points for THE PARANORMALS series' by Ami Blackwelder that discussion questions are now included in the back of each kindle or print book. There are many themes behind her series' including prejudice, differences, communication, concepts of good and evil, and questions of love and loyalty.  As each series progresses, the characters become more complicated and the plot lines become more multifaceted.  Topics become more pronounced and are an excellent choice for book clubs.  You can order any series for your book club and receive a group rate on orders of 5 or more.  Please contact her for details.



You may order all my titles through the Baker n Taylor and Ingram catalogues; however, if you prefer direct orders from the author or from the printer Lightning Source/Createspace, info is below for you. It is a bit cheaper to order directly from the author. 

As a school, library or bookstore, you have the option of setting up a direct account with our distributor CreateSpace. Doing so would allow you to order directly from our printer Lightning Source, following approval of your credit information. For more details on this process, please use this link for the createspace forms to order at wholesale price.   LINK

If you are a small group p
lace "Book Club Orders" in the subject line. eMail at:

Consignment: Author Ami Blackwelder has a general consignment policy.  Please contact for additional information if you would like to try her books out at your bookstore on consignment. eMail: "Consignment of Books" in the subject line.

Thank You!

All books produced by Eloquent Enraptures Publishing (author Ami Blackwelder)  are available on-line at major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes n Nobles, Books a Million, Powell's Books, Book Depository, Abebooks, and hundreds of other online venues. They are also available through virtually any 'brick and mortar' bookstore via Ingram and Baker and Taylor Distribution services.  

In general, books from small publishers are not routinely stocked (as shelf space is limited, and in many cases paid for by the big-six NY publishers). This being said, though, readers can always go the information desk with the ISBN or Title by Ami Blackwelder and order them there. In some cases, the book store may require pre-payment as we use POD (print on demand) via Lightning Source/createspace which eliminates the need for warehousing. 
(This is better for the environment!)

While you can obtain Eloquent Enraptures (Ami Blackwelder) books through standard distribution channels, doing so has a significant impact on the amount of money flowing to the author. Retail chains can take 40% - 60% off the top. 

We therefore provide direct purchasing through our website and you can even have the books signed (and dedicated). To thank you for buying direct. Please eMail with Subject: Ordering Books
Ami Blackwelder will ask for the best method of payment from you whether by paypal, check, or direct deposit. Once the money is received, she will send the autographed/dedicated books to your shipping address. 
($10) each, plus shipping.
If you buy in bulk there will be discounts. Just ask!


*Pasco and Hillsborough Libraries stock her books. 
Please ask at the front desk. 
Kindle Lending program active with Ami Blackwelders books:

Dade Library
The Hybrids of 2050
The Day the Flowers Died  (2)
The Gate of Lake Forest  (2)
The Hunted of 2060  (2)
The Moorhen Runt
Prisoners of Pride
The Shifters of 2040  (2)

New River Library

Gate of Lake Forest 
Prisoners of Pride 
The Hunted of 2060
The Shifters of 2040
The Hybrids of 2050
The Moorhen Runt
The Day the Flowers Died 

Zephyrhills Library-  
The Hunted of 2060

Buy her books locally:
*Book Shack of Dade Fl
*Barnes n Noble of USF, Tampa Fl
*Book Swap of new Tampa 
and Carrollwood Fl

Find her books at:
St. Leo University Library in Dade, Fl
YBOR Community College Ybor city, Fl.
St. Anthony Catholic, San antonio Fl 
Fire Department of San Antonio, Fl
Post Office, San Antonio, Fl
Cenntenial Middle, Dade City, Fl 
Chester Elementary, Wesley Chapel, Fl 
Pasco Elementary in Dade City, Fl 
Pasco High in Dade City, Fl 
Pasco Middle in Dade City, Fl 
Moore Mickens Education Dade City, Fl 
# 352-524-9000
Stewart Middle Zephyrhills, Fl 
Greco Middle, Tampa, Fl 
Martinez Middle, Tampa, Fl 
Broach School  of Zephyrhills, Fl 
Zephyrhills High, Fl 
West Zephyrhills Elementary, Fl 
New River Academy, Fl 
Wesley Chapel High, Fl 
Wesley chapel Elementary, Fl
Thomas Weightman Middle, Fl
Wiregrass High, Fl
Zephryhills Christian, Fl
(Christine Thurston)

Franklin high School of Franklin, Ohio
Erie High School of Erie, Illionois
Dover-Eyouta High School of Eyota, MN
North High Wichita, Kansa, 
Allen County Library of Port Wayne, Indiana