"This book starts off with a sad note, a suicide. Which leads three teenage girls wanting to investigate, Why would a popular boy kill himself? The more they dig the more trouble finds at least one of the girls Allison (Ali). And while that is all going on the boy Ali has had a crush on since he arrived at school is suddenly paying lots of attention to her. Then three new students arrive and they seem like they are trouble or so she thinks. 

I have to say I loved this book from the first page. I connected with Ali almost instantaneously and it was a wild ride from the starting gate. And I have to admit I liked Dameon too at first but then came Kian. I can't blame the girl for being confused. 

Honestly I couldn't read this book fast enough I just kept wanting to know more, how it was going to end and everything in between. I loved the story-line, the uniqueness of how angels and demons were made as well as if they broke the rules, what would happen if they do. 

This was a fantastic read, I definitely will be reading the next book, Falling Angels when it comes out. So if you are a lover of Angels and Demons with a unique twist to it(at least for me it was) then I highly recommend you read this book." -DONNA FROM GOODREADS


"Can you believe that a gate between worlds exists in the wilderness of Colorado? Well you can now. Ami Blackwelder gives young love a thriving environment in her novel, Guardians of the Gate. Aimed for young adult readers, Guardians of the Gate, shows the senior year of Michael, a star high school soccer player, as he falls madly in love with Evelyn, the school’s mysterious new arrival.
With precise detail Ami Blackwelder leads the reader through Michael’s eyes as he discovers that there is more to his mysterious dream girl than meets the eye – Danger. For thousands of years elves lived hidden in the forests of Colorado in peace and tranquility. But when Michael follows his new found love through the gate to her true homeland, he discovers that there is more to his world than he ever dreamed of. But once he leaves the world of the elves. Shadow Wolves, thriving on death and destruction, follow Michael’s scent back through the gate into his home of Lake Forest.
Can Evelyn protect Michael from the shadow wolves? Can Michael protect his friends, family, and the one he loves from the monsters in the night? Guardians of the Gate is a must read for anyone who loves a good story, and the idea that true love conquers all."

- Shawn Weaver, Author of Sense of Honor


"Mers is a really unique and intriguing take on mermaid lore. This wasn't in traditional form and I like how Ami Blackwelder made it her own. I also really liked the world building. It was very vivid and rich with imagination.

This has just about everything I liked in my reads. Excitement, adventure and a very sweet budding romance between two life long friends. No love triangles here folks which will please many readers I'm sure. 

I also liked that it wasn't very predictable. Mira knew that she wasn't a Mer but she wasn't sure if she was human either. Discovering that her parents found her, Mira goes to seek her real parents on the shores, only what she discovers is something no one saw coming, even the reader. But what I liked best about this book is that it ended the way I wanted it to. I wasn't sure at first since books these days seem to go the same way, with evil cliffies and wrong choices and frustrating characters. But in this book everything is as it should be and I found that really refreshing.

All in all I really liked this one. It was fun, entertaining and captivating and I enjoyed every minute.



Ami Blackwelder has written the first five books in the ‘Shifter Evolutions’ series with book 6 expected in 2012. The series is about an alien race of shifters that invades Earth in 2020 and their journey on Earth. The SCM are against the shifters and want to rid the Earth of them.

The Shifters of 2040 is the 3rd book in the series. Under Blackwelder’s recommendation I took this book as a standalone book and it totally worked. There was enough information to help us understand who everyone was and what their motives were. The main focus of this story was on hybrids and was very nail biting at points.

Towards the end of the story I felt loss alongside some of the characters. The inevitable happened but the heroic and loyal movements of some characters left me breathless and very sad.

The only thing I didn’t like was the way that some of her conversations were written. I have always been taught that each conversation has to start on a new line. I was a little confused with the way that sometimes the conversations were done in this book. It was the only thing I found I didn’t like about this book.

I would say that people should keep an eye out for Blackwelder as she will go far!

I would give ‘The Shifters of 2040’ a 4 out of 5 book rating."


"I really enjoyed reading this short story series. If your looking for traditional vampires (Not all cute and lovey dovey), lots of action, and not your average damsel in distress. These books are for you. It’s exactly what I needed to give me a Vamp fix. 

The storyline to these books were not only really interesting, I didn’t guess the twists until they happened, sure I had my suspicions, but it kept me guessing. It was really descriptive, I did have a little trouble picturing the surroundings (it may just have been me) but the characters were described in a lot of detail which made it easy to loose yourself in the story. 

I rate this series 4.5 stars." -Hailey from Goodreads


"Think Desperate Housewives with rotting flesh. 
Campy, fun horror. Zombie Housewives is an 
interesting tale, well written with snappy dialogue. 
If you take the “zombie” part out, Ms. Blackwelder 
has penned a great story about life, forgotten 
dreams and flat relationships. And, of course, 
learning to deal with a less than attractive skin disorder.

Zombie Housewives is not thought provoking, nor 
do I think it was intended to be. It IS a fun read for
 that short time when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or in the carpool lane. 
If you like it, don’t miss the sequel, Zombie Models" -Deb Sanders


"Dameon, a darkangel, had watched Dumah for a time and he was sure that she was one of his kind. Centuries ago, they'd co-mingled with humans and even mated, but soon humans begruded their higher status and war between them forced his kind to go underground. Little by little their flock was coming home and they'd build their army in Manhattan!

Oh WOW! Talk about caught up in the story that I couldn't believe that Dumah's story ended and I can't wait to read Ms. Blackwelder's next!!" -Hotcha on Kindle