Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guardians of the Gate update

Interested in an E-BK of Guardians of the Gate, go to e-publisher and order, or amazonkindle, scribd, smashwords, lulu, or scroll the site for the various E-Bk stores selling it. You may also contact the author directly to pay by check and receive the PDF E-BK in your e-mail.

Interested in the Print of Guardians of the Gate, it is available now at for online orders and in APRIL 2010 you may ask your local bookshop to order a copy for you! They should have it listed in the Ingram and 'Taylor and Baker' and Barnes n Noble catalogues.

Simply give them the Title: Guardians of the Gate, ISBN:1449557562 and Author name: Ami Blackwelder and it should ship to your local bookshop!