Monday, March 15, 2010

Guardians of the Gate REVIEW -From Belle

Elves and dark wolves and humans – oh, my! This story centers itself in a forest - no, that’s not quite right – in two forests, one in the human world and one in Emeralusia, land of the elves. These forests are separated by a single, hidden gate accessible only by elves and guarded by elves, lest the dark wolves get loose on the humans.

Michael Cole, star soccer player for his high school, meets a new girl in class, Evelyn, with emerald eyes and caramel skin. His curiosity immediately turns to attraction, which is underlined by delight when he discovers she is attracted to him, as well. What should be a simple, sweet romance instead unleashes forces neither of them reckons with and both their worlds are put in peril.

Ms. Blackwelder has gone to great depths to create Emeralusia, its creatures and its history. The second book ends with unanswered questions, paving the way for a sequel. There are parts of the story that fly by with great action scenes, description and dialogue. However, there are also parts that, to me, made slow reading of Emeralusian history. The characters are great and, of them all, I’d stick Venda in my pocket and take her home.

I’d recommend this for YA. For full disclosure, this book was sent to me for review.

Have a great week!
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