Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The eZine The Examiner reviews The Hunted of 2060!

Review of The Hunted 

by author, Ami Rebecca 


May 16, 7:12 AMCharlotte ErotiRomancExaminer

Natasha Brooks

The Hunted 2060 is an awesome sci-fi romantic 
thriller about the future. The author takes the 
reader on a very exciting trip into a future 
society set in Alaska in the year 2060 - 
into a future that is not like our own. 
The first chapter delivers a cleverly written 
description of the main character and the 
plight that the protagonist must face.

19-year old college student - April dealt 
with the changes that controlled her body 
and her urges. Adopted at birth, her true 
identity was never told to her until she 
had a chance meeting with her siblings 
and was told the truth about her past. 
She was then introduced into a world 
that was unknown yet very familiar to her. 
She fought against the beast within her as 
she continued to control her body from 
changing form as well as her urges 
throughout the story. April continued 
to attempt to maintain a normal life 
while continuing to attend college.

April adjusted to her new reality of 
becoming who she was to become - 
one of “the hunted.” Half human and 
half wolf-like species, April was 
introduced to the “clan” and learned 
about her family and their supernatural/alien 
connection called shifters that can change 
into different forms on earth and read 
minds of humans.

It was intriguing to learn more about 
the future society, the storyline and, 
the characters as the story progress 
throughout the book. The story was 
filled with several twists and turns 
that seemed well thought out.

The characters were believable and 
interesting. The author took her time 
in revealing the plot. I was impressed 
with the amount of imagination used to 
describe the story line, the characters 
and the surroundings. All of the details 
of the future society were woven in a 
well written manner. Just imagine a 
futurist novel with sky cars, hologram 
textbooks and robots to name a few 
coupled with a supernatural species of 
beings with supernatural abilities and 
supernatural twists that are very well 
put together - with elements of a 
sci-fi romance all in one.

I would recommend this book for anyone 
who is interested in reading a good sci-fi book.

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