Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bitten By Books Live Chat Event


Ami Blackwelder is LIVE now on bitten By Books and goes from 12noon to 12PM and so keep the questions coming and she will answer as they come!

Hybrids of 2050 LIVE!!

Meet Ami and talk to her LIVE!!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to transform into a wolf, a hawk, panther, bear, or deer? This story will explore that curiosity.  
              The Hybrids of 2050
 is the sequel to the Shifters of 2040. Continuing the journey are Melissa Marn, Bruce Wilder, Unseen, Diamond, Clay, and others.  Readers will meet an unlikely hero in a human smuggler named Uri Petrov from Russia and they will see the internal struggles of prejudice against the shifters within Melissa Marn culminate to a final end. 
             Will she ever see her twins again?
          Will she and her father ever reconnect?      
       Does Bruce and Melissa ever get married?
      What of Diamond, after the death of Keenan?    
       What of Unseen and his love for Diamond?  
             Will the remnant shifters survive?
Many questions to yet be answered in the sequel to The Shifter of 2040. The Hybrids of 2050 will dive into the early lives of April and Arquet whom readers will follow in the last two installments of this epic tale. The Hunted of 2060. The Revolution of 2060. The Hunted of 2060 is told from April’s point of view and The Revolution of 2060 is told from both sister’s points of view. An extraordinary saga indeed. The reader begins in the middle of this saga with Shifters of 2040 and then decides to either read the past or future next. The beginnings comprise of The Invasion of 2020 and The SCM of 2030. 
Shifter Evolutions - "I'm extremely impressed with the quality of your writing and the range of your storytelling. Feel free to send script when you're done.”-John McLaughlin 
 Shifter Evolutions -"This is a fast-moving story, never a dull moment. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.” -Imogen Rose
Character Interview Follow Up: The Hybrids of 2050: 
Last time we spoke, you told us how you never get what you want, is that still true?

Melissa Marn: Well my father might not approve, but Bruce loves me and so I want to see how that goes.

Diamond: Keenan is forever out of my reach, but Unseen is here and though I don’t have the same feelings for him as I did for Keenan...I’m willing to give him a chance.
How would you describe your quality now? 

Melissa Marn: I once was a river, but now I am more of a rock. Sure what I am doing is right, despite the SCM, despite my father. 

Diamond: Alive. At least I am still alive
What is your flaw now?

Melissa Marn: I once was cold like ice, but now I can’t forgive myself for all I’ve   done. 

Diamond: My broken heart needs mending. Without Keenan I feel so lost.
Favorite Food?

Melissa Marn: Still Little Milan. Still have so many romantic moments and fights with Bruce Wilder there. 

Diamond: I can’t think of food right now. 

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