Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting your Book into Schools

How do you as an Indie author get your books into schools?

Easier than you think. First, find all the numbers for the local schools you want to distribute your books to. Then, call the front office and let them know your a local author and want to speak with the Media/Librarian. Next, get her name and let her know you would like to donate a few copies of your books to the school. Let her know you will put them into a box with your info cards inside and if she doesn't them, she can contact you to pick them up.

After dropping them off, and you may do this at the front desk or at the library/media center, you want tot hank everyone and make sure you take down names of people who will be helpful to you.

Many schools will be very appreciative and your book will be on the shelf within weeks. Sometimes if they really like the book they will contact you and let you know and ask about setting up a book event for the kids.

I've had a few of these.

Basically, just put together something fun for the kids. A presentation of your books, the story, the characters, a book trailer on the computer, writing may giveaway bookmarks, posters, and books, and other swag to make this event fun. Offer books for sale and pass out flyers with your information.

Schools are great, because they usually accept free, local books into their libraries and they like book events which exposes your books to many many kids!

On the rare occasion a school calls you to pick up the books, be courteous. They are one in a hundred.

Something to keep in mind for mass distribution. Schools usually have programs that if you get your book into will allow the book to be picked up on a mass scale state-wide. For my state of Florida that is the Sunshine State Young Readers Award Program.  

Do some research to find out about your state and then loom into emails and phone numbers to submit your books to them. If accepted, it is great! This info can generally be learned from the local schools as well. So make friends!

Remember networking is one of your strongest tools!

Hope this information helps and next week I will post on libraries!

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  1. thank you very much! I have learned a lot! I have a YA book that is almost impossible to get out there. Everyone says I need to go where the kids are, schools. Now I have a way to get there! thank you!


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