Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to get your books into bookstores...

How do you as an Indie writer or Self Published writer get into Barnes n Noble? 

If your lucky to have a Big House Publisher, they might accomplish that task for you... but what about the many talented and original authors who've gone the route of publishing all on their own. An up hill climb, of that I myself can attest.

But let me ease your burdens. I will be sharing tips about all I have learned since January 2010 when I began distributing my fiction. As some of you know in 2009 I uploaded my first novel onto scribd and found an epublisher ireadiwrite publishing who still has my first novel and sequels.

But in 2010, I decided to go the route of Indie self publishing....and this is my hard lessons learned.


Persistance pays! 
Professionalism is a must!

When you approach the big chain bookstores makes sure all your business is in order. Get your reviews printed from reputable sites or amazon. Purchase a nice display case for your books can help with that. Have professional posters ready and will help with that.

If you walk in as a professional then your chances increase!

Have your book already on the nook and on the kindle

They will check!! They will look at your ranking and your reviews there!

Let them know you would like to host a book signing event. Present yourself confidently, but not egotistically. You are not a star. You have to realize writing and getting into bookstores is a long, hard battle and if you don't absolutely LOVE writing...then don't do it. There are easier ways to make money!

Usually, book stores are up for a single book event...and some Barnes n Nobles have a once a year local author open door policy. The BnN in Florida begins in Jan/Feb. But check and ask by phone if your Barnes n noble ever hosts local authors.

This make take following up and stopping by to speak with the manager. Following up again. But once arranged, your foot is in the door. Make the event fun. Giveaway contests with books, .pdfs, posters, bookmarks and sell as many as you can.

Be courteous to the Barnes n Noble staff having you! I am amazed at how many authors are rude! Being nice will give you an edge over the rude authors, and encourage the BnN representatives to perhaps keep some of your bookmarks to pass out after you've left.

When the event is over, thank everyone involved and make sure you ask if possible to stock a few of your copies on the shelf, and that you are willing to do consignment. If consignment is not possible, then let them know you take returns. BnN takes 40 percent of the sells, so price accordingly.

If one stores turns you down, go to then next.

TIP: Start with Barnes n Nobles at universities. They are easier to get into ....Yes, many universities stock books via BnN and if you can be successful with them stocking your books, you can then branch out to BnN in malls and in main locations around your city.

Next Tip is scheduled later next week......

In the mean time, come support me at Barnes n Noble USF, in Tampa! April 20th!