Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is Self-Publishing right for you?

What route I chose and why?

I began writing fiction novels at the start of 2009. I wrote short stories, poetry and non-fiction before that time. After completing my first novel The Gate of Lake Forest I pursued epublishing and found an epublisher with Michelle. She accepted me and took my sequel novel Prisoners of Pride as well. I then wrote my first historical romance title The Day the Flowers Died and submitted it to Whiskey Press. They accepted it. But at that time, I was really looking into self-publishing and noticed a trend in that direction with many writers, good writers, successful writers. After learning a lot from Michelle, I decided to go my own route and said no to Whiskey Press. 

I discovered something all writers should know! 

epublishers, small publishers, indie publishers cannot do anything for your brand and your novel that you cannot do better. With minimal promos, they will take at least 50% of your profits. 

I don't sign with publishers now unless they offer non-exclusive rights, so that I may publish/distribute with whomever and wherever I wish. The only exception to this rule is if you are accepted by a BIG-House-Publisher who is also willing to put Money behind the Promos for your book. Which usually means you need an agent. 

If you can get an agent-great! Make sure they get you a good deal with a big publisher who has the vision you have so they see the potential and are willing to money where their mouth is.

Otherwise, do it yourself! You can learn!! You will have total creative freedom, get to work intimately with an editor you chose, chose the cover design you want, distribute to where you want, and get all the profits while having the ability to distribute the book as soon as you want as well as stop distribution and make changes whenever you want. No such luck with a publisher. 

So, make sure you pay attention to how much you are giving up in exchange to how much you are getting before you sign the dotted line.

That is What and Why. Perhaps many of you are asking...HOW?


Find a good editor or two! Find an illustrator or graphic artist! (ipad)

Promote on a few sites you've researched and like and build your loyal base of fans from there

Get a website on blogger, or wordpress or weebly (all for free)

Have a presence online on twitter, facebook, kindle and nook forums and pick a few more forums you like related to your book genres.

Build a fan base in your local area with distribution of your books to schools, universities, libraries, and book events everywhere! Ask and you'll be surprised how many say "yes" ! 

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