Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Author Ami Blackwelder

Tomorrow I am moving to Pinellas County to begin my training in the Montessori Program. 2 months and then 1 weekend a month for 1 year. Nine months of internship. But in the end I will be able to work as a Montessori teacher or even an assistant anywhere in the world!

Can't wait, feels like I'm going off to university again! HAHA!

After spending 1 year as an assistant montessori teacher after university, 1 year in the military, and 8 years in Asia teaching in third world/developing countries... I'm ready for the next venture in my life. A better career. :)

I will of course keep writing, but the next two months I will be very busy training, doing homework, and working my online job to make money...so you won't hear as much from me until september:) 


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