Friday, November 11, 2011

Decision at Barnes n Noble

So I walked into Barnes n Nobles hoping to get my hands finally on Wither. I have been wanting it, but wanted to finish my download of Switched by Amanda Hocking first. By the Way, Switched was pretty good. I will hold off on buying the rest of the series until the prints and final edits though. I did download Hollowland and Hollowmen from kindle and bought a kindle finally! I don't want the My Blood Approves series though, too much like Twilight I've heard.

Back to BnN....So, Wither is sold out and won't be in stock unto Dec 6th! Can you imagine waiting a whole month! Better be worth the wait!

I looked at Forever, sequel to Linger and shiver...but it is still in hardback, and the other two are win paperback and so I want to wait on that.

Then, I browsed Possess (Which by the way will be on my blog and the author will be too! Check it out under Special Guests!)

Then, looked at Paranormalcy which looked funny.

Then I looked at Shifting....which pretty much sounds like my book The Hunted of 2060, except put into military instead of Navajo Indians and put in alien DNA instead of 'the unknown reasons for her shifting'.

I settled on EVE! A dystopian, which looks good. So, that will be my read this week and I'll let you know via goodreads and my blog how I liked it!! I read and review books often, check me out on goodreads and find out what I liked!

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