Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where is my Edward Cullen?

We've all seen it! Wether we hated it or loved it or just saw a passing picture on a billboard, or in a commercial. Twilight is everywhere. When I lived in Thailand, I saw a line for the movie, one of the few in English, never heard of it before, but decided to see it since it was in English. I thought Vampires, UGH! But I wanted to see something. 
I saw it.
I loved it.
I bought the book Twilight.
Then bought the sequels. 
I am a fan.
I read all the books in about a couple weeks. Each book took about 2 days, with exception to Breaking Dawn which I muddled through.
Didn't like the last book as much as the first three; however, I did enjoy the movie.

But I must ask as every girl asks...

Patiently, we wait. We pray. We hope. We tend to our bodies, our make-up, and we do everything we can to draw that perfect man to us. 
We've kissed frogs, hoping they'd turn into princes and we've kissed princes that have turned into frogs. But inevitably, we end up empty-handed.

How many doors have to shut? How many men have to turn out to be all wrong for us...before we find our Edward Cullen?

Well, here is to all those girls still searching and hoping, and praying....you will eventually. Just, don't give up! 

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