Thursday, March 1, 2012

Victorine Lieske, author of Not what She Seems


Steven Ashton, a billionaire from New York, and Emily Grant, on the run from the law...and when they meet he can’t help falling for her. What he doesn’t know is that interfering in her life will put his own life in danger.

When billionaire Steven Ashton couldn’t stand his high society social life anymore, he left the stress of New York on a vacation for his soul. The need to meet real down to earth people led him to a small Nebraska town. He didn’t want to lie about who he was, but he couldn’t exactly tell them the truth. 

Emily could have easily fallen in love with Steven, under different circumstances, but her past was catching up with her and she needed a new life. If the authorities found out about her, she could lose the one thing that meant everything, her four year old son.

Not What She Seems is approximately 67,000 words long.
This book is a "sweet" romantic suspense, appropriate for all ages.

1) What inspires your writing, your muse?

A lot of things inspire me. I get inspired when I'm doing the dishes or driving the kids to school. Listening to music, or reading a book. My muse is always bugging me. But I find that the quiet moments usually lead to the best inspiration. Taking a walk by myself, or even when I'm in the shower. The times when I'm alone usually help me think.

2) If you couldn't write, what would you do?

I manufacture rubber stamps for a living, so I would continue to do that. It's creative and allows me to run things on my own time.

3) Who is your favorite author? Book?

People ask this all the time, and I really feel like there's not one good answer. I have many favorite authors. But I've probably read more Mary Higgens Clark books than anyone, and I always enjoy her books, so I'll go with her today. My favorite book she's written is Loves Music, Loves to Dance

4) When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

When I was about 12 I began writing a novel. When my sister read the first 10 pages and got mad that I hadn't written more, that's when I knew it would be way cool to write a book.

5) Have you gone the traditional route? Indie route? or both?

I tried the traditional route, but only sent out a handful of query letters. Then I self-published. I now have an agent, but haven't signed a traditional contract yet. If they offer the right contract, I will sign it.

6) What advice can you give for writers out there looking to promote?

My best advice is to watch what the successful writers in your genre are doing, and emulate them. And if something isn't working, don't be afraid to get advice or help from others.

7) Name three places readers can find you?

My website,, my blog, and

8) Tea or coffee?

I'm more of a root beer drinker. 

9) Morning or night?

I'm definitely a night owl.

10) Cats or dogs?

Cats. We have two of them, and love them.

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