Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From Love and Pain blog tour


He thought back to the first day he had met Jaxon.
Actually, it was more like he bulldozed into the poor man. He was running into the star bucks across the street from their main office, trying to open an email on his new phone and not looking where he was going.
He didn't hear the door open and walked right into the man stepping out and dropped his phone. Bending over to retrieve it, he saw that the email he was having trouble opening was displayed across the screen.
Grinning, he looked up and thanked the guy. 
Adrian wasn't sure how it had happened but after a few minutes of talking, the guy; Jaxon, he said his name was, had gotten him to agree to go to a local bar to watch a baseball game and share a few drinks.
That was the first time Adrian had ever bothered to waste time with sports. Shockingly he actually liked the crap.
He now owned a Yankees fitted cap and a Derek Jeter jersey that no one knew about, except for Jaxon, of course.


  1. That meeting is so cute! And a secret sports fan... I don't know what to think! :D

    Ashley E

  2. Lol yes, Adrian has many secrets ;)

    H. A Caine


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