Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nikki Duncan Guest Post

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Dallas summers are one thing. Predictably hot. Residents flock to the air conditioned indoors or the cool relief of their swimming pools. Gallons of tea and lemonade are consumed along with ice cream and the deliciously syrupy snow cones. Even as adults, we smile at the sound of the ice cream truck’s jingling bells and scramble for enough cash. Sometimes, all we really want on our hot summer days is a little time and quiet where we can lounge in the shade and enjoy a great story. That, to me, defines and ideal day. 
Tell me, what is your ideal day?
If it’s settling in with a good book, maybe you’ll give CRIMINAL PROMISES a shot. It’s my Dallas based detective series that focuses on a team of great detectives who’ve suffered in love. Now it’s their time for a second chance. 
For your entertainment, I’m leaving you with a short excerpt. Be sure to comment, telling me what your ideal day is, and I will enter you into a drawing for the digital copy of CRIMINAL PROMISES. And if you like the cover, you can meet the cover model in November at the Readers N Ritas conference in Dallas. We’ll be auctioning him off. I’m not sure it gets hotter than that.

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