Friday, November 30, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

On a hot autumn night I enjoy a hot tub with my hubby. The bubbling water oozes over our skin and then we cuddle and kiss. But let us see what Keenan and Diamond are up too? The weather is cold and they only have each other…

Keenan knew Diamond flew over Anchorage in the late hours of the evening.  After thirty minutes of searching the sky, he finally saw a large hawk with golden hues under the light of the half moon. The bird cawed to him, her elongated beak lowering and her soft feathers fluttering in the wind. 
Swooshing overhead, she circled a few times, before diving toward Keenan like an uncanny missile, landing with divine grace. The transformation into her human shape kept Keenan in awe. As her widening lids opened and her golden irises sparkled, Keenan felt warm. She always elicited the same feelings he had that first day he saw her in the alley.
“You found something?” Diamond asked.
“Yes.” He handed the rolled up e-file to her and she grabbed the thin film with shaky hands.  
“Is this what we need?”
“I think so. The file contains information about Kristen Folgers.”
“Thank you. Thank you so much!” Diamond glanced over the file, reading Kristen’s name, needing details about her death. “Brendan and Clay will know what to do with this.”
After receiving an excited peck on his cheek, Keenan grabbed her shoulder before she turned away from him. “Oh, there’s one more thing.  I don’t know if it means something or not.”
“What is it?”
“On interrogations, we’re supposed to single out children.”
“Children?  Why?”  A shiver of premonition crawled down her arms.
“Don’t know.  But it’s odd.”
“Thanks for telling me.
He pecked her on the cheek. “I have to go now. I don’t want to bring suspicion on me. I need to get back before soldiers start waking and find my bed empty.”
“I understand. I’ll see you later?” she asked.
Diamond pulled him to her with a tug on his arm and a firm hold of his black collar before she let her lips linger on his, then released him, retreating to the skies.


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  3. A warm crackling fire, a soft blanket, and a good book are all I need for a great autumn night.

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  4. a fireplace, a glass of wine and my nook

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