Friday, November 1, 2013

What's all the hype about Hollywood?

     I'm getting to the point where I'm pretty much fed up with most of Hollywood. Let's face it, 30% of what comes out of there is simply remakes of some successful movie, cartoon of the past or regurgitations of some high ranking 80's or 90's show or quite possibly a ridiculously superficial retelling of a classic -Spiderman (seriously, how many remakes can they get away with before we start noticing), G.I. Joe, Alice in Wonderland, Beowulf, Snow White and the Huntsman, Hansel and Gretel, Carrie, Footloose, A Cinderella Story.

     All those movies mean a sure fan base and money rolling into studios. I can't blame them, who wouldn't want that deal. After all, no one wants to loose money, but how about reading some new material. Writers with original stories are out there by the thousands. Really.
     Then we move onto the next 10% of movies out of Hollywood which are just crap and make you scratch your head and ask incomplete questions like how-uh and why-uh? And you feel you've actually gotten dumber after watching them.

     Another 30% are based on scripts from best selling books or comics like Twilight, Ender's Game, Hunger Games,  The Time Travelers Wife, X-Men, the Book Thief, Confessions of a Shopaholic. While I can surely appreciate this percentage of the movies because at least the stories are usually based on some interesting or new concept in some way from the authors, actually utilizing new material instead of simply rehashing past stories again and again until you want to want to ban all theaters, the movies are similar to the first 30% out of Hollywood because they are stories we have already heard (from the book) and once again prove Hollywood is merely banking on sure money makers. All of this doesn't say much for Hollywood except that they don't seem to care much for artistic integrity or originality unless it suits them.

     All this brings me to the next 20% which are your typical gorgeous girl is having a crappy life and why can't she just find a great guy to make her life perfect and OMG he is actually living or working in her vicinity all this time, this perfect guy, but would he really like her, I mean OMG she is like so unworthy, but OMG he does like her and now she hooks up with him and her life is perfect, OMG!  
     These types of movies are at least based on new material, right? Movies like The Proposition, Beauty and the Briefcase, Never Been Kissed, She's All That, 27 Dresses, and the list goes on but you get the point. Don't you?
     I'm not saying these types of movies don't have merit. I mean they are a point. And the fact that these girls are never really ugly or relatable to most of us woman in the real world is just sweet icing on the cake.

     The last 10% out of Hollywood is something we haven't seen making a mass success yet and the story is also original and may even be worth watching. Stories like About Time, The Hang Over, Save the Last Dance, Easy A. Star Wars. Sadly, these types of movies are far and few in between the mass conglomeration of -sure blockbuster hits- or -mere crap- that come out of Hollywood. Also sadly is that we don't have much to choose from in this category.

     Ah, if Hollywood could only be more like the independent industry. Here's to dreaming.


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