Monday, November 14, 2016

Vote for Syfy Dystopian Romance, Vote for SIMULATION

Avid Readers, 

You are the core of the book industry. You get to decide what you want published in this digital age. 

Below is my Kindle Scout for SIMULATION, a story the contrast technology to nature, rich to poor, privilege to slavery, imaginary to real. A story about a naive girl who meets a young man that changes her understanding of her world forever. If your world was a lie, wouldn't you want to know?

Voting for me can make the difference between the book being published by Amazon's exclusive publishing team and having their marketing tools behind my book or having to do it all on my own. 

They are selective with what books they choose and only choose those books which rank high in votes. So, if you like the cover and blurb, the one-liner and excerpt...please vote for me! Message me if you have more questions. 

Then forward this message to your friends and family (whom you think would also be interested). 

Below is the link to the book. All you have to do is click to vote. (If you are not signed up with Amazon than you can sign up now in just a few minutes. This is a fun way to hear about up-coming books and get books for free.) 

Ami Blackwelder (M. Black)

Hello M. Black, 
Congratulations! Your Kindle Scout campaign for Simulation has launched. 
Here is the URL for your campaign: 

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