Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Day the Flower Died- Review From Book Taste

BookTaste Review:

Lovers in a turbulent Europe.Ami Blackwelder paints with words. Her special talent is creating scene and atmosphere populated by credible characters. The Day The Flowers Died is a love story, gently narrated, that recreates prewar Germany during the 1930s, and the German government’s menacing swing to the Nazis. The girl’s sweetheart is Jewish, her parents point out the brutal dangers, but innocent ecstasy ignores the politics and the racial hatred that are sweeping the nation.

As fascist ideology becomes law, the lovers encounter the harsh reality of life and death. Released as an ebook, this novel has quickly gained an unusually large number of downloads. Can there be a trend (much welcomed) away from vampires and back to realistic human passion? This author’s books vary in genre and can be sampled here.

Happy reading! Posted by Cathy, 9 December 2009.