Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sample Sunday THE MERS

Enjoy a FRESH YAComing-of-Age Mermaid Dystopian with Young Love and Adventure!
Enjoy this excerpt of THE MERS!


“Two Pirates carried a Mer prisoner in shackles to the cen- ter of town. They thought they had him secure,” Covering his mouth with his hand, Ethan let out a laugh. “But obviously
they had not. That headstrong Mer broke the iron chains. How, we will never know, and he proceeded to race around town with every Pirate after him.”
“What finally happened?” Mira bit her lip, hoping for a happy ending for the Mer.
“The Mer was stabbed, wasting his eyes and hair. The blade went through the back of his head and ruined any chance for a wig or amulets.”
Mira stood, silenced. She wanted to react to hearing of the brutal incident that could have involved Nerin or any of her loved ones, but she couldn’t let her sympathies show. Zale had warned her about the Pirates on many occasions. “You have to be tough," her father had warned. “Keep a strong spirit.” 

Holding in her desire to defend the Mers, she managed to turn her grimace into an awkward smile and changed the subject. “I guess you get a lot of business here?” Mira pointed to the most dazzling amulet with a yellow-orange hue. Un- like most of the eyes that shone yellow, this one glowed slightly different.
“I do very well, thanks to the Aristos,” the owner com- mented, handing the amulet to her. After laying the necklace across the counter, Mira touched the glass that held the eye and felt a distinct shock, like electricity, run through her veins.
Jolted back, she landed into Ethan’s arms, “Gotcha.” “Geez, sorry again.”
“Don’t worry about it; I have that effect on women,” Ethan

joked, making Mira smile. Inside, however, she wondered why she had such a reaction to all the Mer paraphernalia. She grew up with the Mers. That much was certain. She loved the Mers, but could that alone be the reason she felt the eyes calling to her, shocking her? The reason that the smells of dead Mer hair and skin made her mind foggy and dizzy?
“Do you want to get out of here?” Mira moved her slim form toward the door, feeling nauseated.

“Sure.” His eyes conveyed something that Mira couldn’t quite figure out, something that made her all the more curi- ous and nervous.
As they strolled along the road, the Commoners were neatly tucked away inside their assigned shops, so the streets remained bare. Good fortune to find the streets empty, as that gave more time for Mira and her friends to go unno- ticed. 

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