Thursday, December 22, 2016

KINDLE SCOUT ALUMNI bring you a basket of books for Christmas

KINDLE SCOUT ALUMNI share their novels with you for Christmas and the New Year. Enjoy NEW AUTHORS and NOVELs for your New Years here! We guarantee you will find something you love below. Check us out!

A House of Mirrors by Liz Hedgecock

A House of Mirrors

Death of a Bride by Luke Christodoulou

 Death of a Bride

A Jar of Thursday by Liz Hedgecock

A Jar of Thursday

The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes by Liz Hedgecock

 The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes

Warriors by Carey Lewis


The Church Murders by Luke Christodoulou

  The Church Murders

The Adoption by Greg Meritt 

 The Adoption

The Split by Carey Lewis 

 The Split

The Olympus Killer by Luke Christodoulou 

 The Olympus Killer

Merely Players by Patricia Thomson

 Merely Players

Ideal Girl by Jenny O’Brien 

 Ideal Girl

She Speaks to Angels by Ami Blackwelder


My Runaway Bride by Marissa Marchan


A Whyte Christmas by Michele Brouder


Love from Mars by JP Cawood 
: Love From Mars

What Lies Beneath the Mask by Laura Greenwood

Unhappy Ever After Girl by Jenny O’Brien

The Day the Flowers Died by Ami Blackwelder 

My Amnesia Girl by Marissa Marchan 

Englishwoman in Paris by Jenny O’Brien
Young Adult

Women’s Fiction
Beneath the Skin by Kyla Stone

Whit’s End by L Virelli

Literary Fiction 
Lily of the Valley by Ruth White 

Home Avenue by L Virelli (Memoir)


Winter Solstice 

Christmas in Love

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy 
Different Lee by Bill Hiatt 

Kelpie Dreams by Steve Vernon 


Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole 

Clare Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver by Michele Brouder 


Living With Your Past Selves by Bill Hiatt 


Kelpie Christmas by  Steve Vernon 

We Walk in Darkness by Bill Hiatt 

Kelpie Snow by Steve Vernon 


Beyond the Forest by Kay L Ling

Sam and The Secrets of the Universe by JP Cawood

Awakening by Laura Greenwood


Science Fiction 
Graveyard of Empires by Lincoln Cole

Love, Lies & Clones by Joynell Schultz

Love Lies & Clones
The Teristaque Chronicles by Aaron Frale 

The Newcomer: Twelve Sci-Fi Short Stories (Anthology)


Generation Z by Carey Lewis


Simulation by M Black


Othello and Zombies by Aaron Frale 


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