Saturday, June 30, 2012


Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas!
People always ask me, where do you come up with your stories? Is it real life? I have a gift of storytelling. My two books I have published were not outlined. When you have a desire and you jump in all the way, the words come to you. The characters speak to you and soon you will see they have formed into this voice that has its very own personality. Now, I do have work that I have a specific topic I would like to write about. When you are zoning in on that specific area you would want to ensure you fully understand it. If it is fiction, try to be as realistic as you can. Maybe form a focus group and see how people will react if they were in that specific scenario. If you are a non fiction writer, you will want to research and maybe talk to people who specialize in what you are writing about. Either way, just go as far as you can to make your work stand out. Always push and the IDEAS will come to you! 
Author Tasha Wright

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